— El Cine: opinión y reseñas

"We all take our own personal journey discovering the joy of film as a medium. More power to how you view film through your own lens. Nothing wrong with that idea as a whole." — Ryan Terry.

"All of the stuntmen—these are the unsung heroes. They really are. Nobody is giving them any credibility. They're risking their necks." — Jason Statham.

"I try to judge films—good or bad—based on what they are, not what I wanted them to be. It's the film that matters, not my expectations/opinions about what a movie should or shouldn't have been." — Scott Derrickson.

"The one magic bean screenwriting rule: you're only allowed one magical element per movie that demands a leap from the audience." — Rian Johnson.

"The real importance of theaters is that it's the only place where the audience can't press the stop button." — Bong Joon-ho.