— Haciendo realidad el pensamiento creativo

"There are lots of reasons to make art. Making the greatest possible testament to pure technical excellence is a pretty good reason, as legitimate as emotional resonance or esthetics." — Donald Watts.

"Personally I am in favor of all awards should be abolished for the arts. It always feels like something is imposed by non-artists to quantify the unquantifiable anyway."

— Daniel Clowes.

"If you're worried about creators, buy their books. If nothing else, you get a book out of the deal. Books are pretty fucking great. In general."

— Evan Dorkin.

"The current targeting of film critics as the enemy of the people would be laughable if it didn't speak to a pervasive, growing contempt for scholarship, expertise, and intellectual critique, accompanied by a moral imperative being imposed on culture. That's scary."

— Alex Winter.

"The lines of a sign are uniform and regular: the lines of a drawing are harassed and tense. Somebody making signs repeats a habitual gesture. Somebody making a drawing is alone in the infinitely extensive." — John Berger.

"I like work where bad shit happens and we're left to wonder what, if anything, it means. That said: If (and that's up there for debate) work where bad shit happens perpetuates the bad shit in the world we live in, then the question whether that work is worth making seems valid."

— Mark-Oliver Frisch.

"Study the old masters. Enrich your palette. Expand the canvas. There's always so much more to learn." —Martin Scorsese.

"Artists are the means through which poorly understood forces trap life in canvasses and pages, and when those forces are satisfied, they have little use for the people left behind." — Jon Ureña.

"I'm a consumer, I have a right to ask a publisher to match a standard. And so do you. What you really want is for me to pledge fealty to a brand I’m disappointed in. No." — Rob Liefeld.

"The critic shouldn’t need to tear a work apart to demonstrate that he knows how it was put together. The important thing is to convey what is new and beautiful in the work, not how it was made—which is more or less implicit." — Pauline Kael.

"Kids who draw on computers don’t understand. There didn’t used to be an “undo” button. When Michelangelo painted a dude’s head too big, they had to tear down the whole fucking church and just start over." — Tyler Cook.

"Stories bring people who will never meet together through a shared fictional experience. That’s a pretty magical idea when taken on a global level. As for sharing stories, they die unless we share them so it’s good to literally spread the word." — Mark Millar.

"Art documenting life will always come filtered through big cultural touchstones. That’s the way it SHOULD be. […] Hermetically sealing one’s art off from the culture one is a part of seems disingenuous to me. Let it flow. I’m just saying."
— Matt Séneca.