Comics en 2015

Momentos selectos de una vida en los comics.


Se empieza a trazar un punto de quiebre en la industria. Las redes sociales representan un escaparate inmediato que democratiza a la narrativa gráfica, dejando al descubierto a verdaderos talentos con una voz autoral única y con mucho que decir, derribando a los modelos y estilos clásicos para ofrecer algo nuevo.

“The vast majority of graphic novels today are drawn with studied banality. There is a lack of ambition and verve to their visual artistry. Comic-book authors have settled into a slick style of drawing that stays within dull limits. Where are the real artists in graphic fiction?
The work of many graphic novelists looks as if they took the same college drawing course; all have learned that good graphic art communicates information. In a comic, this advances the story, but such a functional approach undermines true art. A real comic artist is someone who uses drawing as self-expression instead of as a narrative machine. Only the artist who puts meaning and feeling into each line can elevate the art of comics into something beautiful or deep.
Graphic fiction can be great art. Unfortunately, it is becoming both pretentious and simplistic. Time to go back to the sketchpad.”
— Jonathan Jones; “When did the comic-book universe become so banal?”, publicado en The Guardian el 16 de febrero de 2015.


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