Comics en 2013

Momentos selectos de una vida en los comics.


Tras la bonanza del 2000-2010, los comics en el mainstream entraron en un umbral caracterizado por la experimentación limitada, pocos garbanzos de a libra y apostando a la segura.

“My fear for comics is that as everything moves to preorders (or online orders), comics will become more conservative—books go to the people who already know that they’re going to like them—it’s what they ordered off the menu. Part of what publishers and retail stores (and festivals) do is bring people things that the public might not like, but they do it anyway! Ha ha ha. Like a waiter bringing someone something unexpected, and just putting it in front of them. They didn’t ask for it. That’s difficult to do online, or in a preorder model. Anyway, I believe in them and I hope comics will have a place for them to continue to grow and make new and unusual things. Also I hope Gary Groth doesn’t die in 2014.”
— Dash Shaw.


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