Comics en 2011

Momentos selectos de una vida en los comics.


DC Comics inicia la segunda década del siglo XXI reconceptualizando completamente a su línea de títulos, dando por sentado un modelo narrativo dictado por el grupo editorial en turno y poniendo de lado a lo que conocemos como “comic de autor”. Bajo el slogan de “THE NEW 52”, su catálogo de superhéroes y villanos son reinventados para atraer a audiencias casuales y aligerar el bagaje histórico de las últimas tres décadas.

“Summer, 2011. The world is ending. Not the real world. I mean, sure, the economy is collapsing, there’s a natural disaster once a week that qualifies as horrific and soul-destroying, royalty are getting married on television, diseases are flourishing, people are making up fictional drugs that then get reported on by massive news outlets, etc. etc.; but no, the real world isn’t ending right now. Maybe next year Terrence McKenna and 1999 Grant Morrison will be right and everything will end then. But right now, the real world isn’t going anywhere, no matter how many signs of revelation appear to be fulfilled every day. The world I am speaking about is a small, fictional world, that only a few thousand people even having a passing knowledge of, one currently managed by Geoff Johns and 2011 Grant Morrison, whose cells have been completely replaced since 1999 and can (maybe must?) therefore be considered a different person by the standards of Morrison comics, have been triage doctors in a disaster zone for some time, and the disaster zone is called the DC universe. It’s ending.”
— Sean Witzke.


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