Joe Casey, el enfant terrible dentro del cómic mainstream, mezcla irreverencia y sapiencia para compartirnos su concepto del arte secuencial como un medio artístico que debe exigirse a sí mismo, con el fin de superarse y confeccionar material que sea tanto desafiante y de pleno esparcimiento al alcance de todos.

“My feeling about mainstream, monthly superhero books is that they should contain more invention, be more daring, take more chances… because they can.

They’re so transitory, they’re so “here this week, gone later this week”, why not go balls out on every single every issue? Especially with reducing page counts. That makes it even more of an imperative that every page matters, motherfuckers! That old chestnut, “writing for the trade” is so over but not everybody has realized it.

The way I’ve always seen it, comics are such a direct form of communication — even superhero comics — why waste them saying absolutely nothing? And I’m not talking about saying something profound… I’m saying, “Entertain my ass! Show me something I’ve never seen before!”

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