Kieron Gillen comparte la cruda verdad detrás de un guionista de comics y su reto constante por seguir siendo esencial en el proceso creativo junto a sus artistas y narradores gráficos:

“I concentrated on basically three areas—script as blueprint, script as love letter and pacing (including all manner of weird acts of magic in comics). The photo above is one of my opening gambits, which is trying to encourage writers to realise that a writer isn’t needed to make a comic. An artist could just write a comic themselves, and if you don’t actively bring more than that, it’s a problem. The aim is to become a symbiote, as essential as mitochondria are to eukaryote cells. I also spent a lot of time in the love letter section about how to avoid becoming an active parastoid—as in, a parasite which kills the host.”

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