— A symbolic clash of figures who stand in for specific ideas

Tarjetas de presentación del actor Steve Martin. Imagen compartida por “Yoojay” (vía Reddit), el 9 de agosto de 2017. En el mismo thread, se comparte un link a una entrevista publicada en la revista electrónica Chron dot com (por Tracy Scott, con información de la agencia de noticias WENN, 06/12/2011), donde el artista revela la historia detrás de esta curiosa memorabilia:

“I did do that once and people think I still do it… I thought it was kind of funny. I had this card made up… I did this for, like, six months in the ’80s and I found people didn’t quite get it … so I gave it up. […] I realized that when people ask for an autograph, what they really kind of want is a little encounter; to find out what you’re really like in 30 seconds.”

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