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Por Matt Séneca
Publicado originalmente en mattseneca dot tumblr dot com el 2 de enero de 2017.

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The year that just passed was wack as hell for numerous reasons, but there were also some nuggets of gold that stood out like corn kernels in the giant turd that was 2016. Here is a list of art I encountered for the first time and enjoyed last year. Most of it didn’t actually come out in 2016, but who cares.


“Sir Alfred #3”, by Tim Hensley

Best comic of the year. So funny, well drawn, and balanced right on the precipice between touching and farcical while moving with an incredible momentum. Also a fitting end to the tragically departed Alvin Buenaventura’s magnificent publishing career.

“Providence #7-11”, but especially 11, by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows

Alan Moore at his best is better than all the other comics; this is Alan Moore at his best. Burrows is as good as anyone Moore’s ever collaborated with, which is to say a league of comics legends. Providence 11 goes past being just a really good scary comic into feeling like the object itself is actually evil, actually the carrier of something malign. Brilliant.

“Peplum”, by Blutch

The best comic in the best genre (ancient Rome). Makes the ancient world seem as wild and strange as it would probably seem if you could actually visit it. The drawings in here are what Will Eisner wanted to be but lacked the skill to achieve. Holy shit is this an amazing book.

“Epoxy Cartoon Magazine”, by John Pham

Not a comic per se but a “design container” by the dude in comics best equipped to make one of those.

“Canibul Ball” in Kramers Ergot 9, by Lale Westvind.

“Silver Medicine Horse” in Kramers Ergot 9, by Steven Weissman.

“Modern Box” in Decadence #11, by Lala Albert.

Amandine Meyer’s untitled one-page short in “Dome”.

Hugo Ruyant’s untitled one-page short in “Dome”.

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