Comics en 2018

Momentos selectos de una vida en los comics.


Se visualiza una fractura muy evidente en las tendencias del mercado comercial. La llamada “novela seriada” de los superhéroes de Marvel y DC se mantiene por períodos cortos—un volumen completo publicado cada 12 meses—y comenzando de nuevo al primer síntoma de bajas ventas. La realidad del autor de comics es una de supervivencia constante a medida que las editoriales explotan a los tomos #1 como el barómetro del éxito a corto plazo.

“Issue 1s obsess many writers for various reasons, both good, bad and necessary. Part of it is simply because anyone working in a serial comics in the Anglophone American pamphlet model have more experience in writing issue 1s than any other issue number (“Last issue” isn’t an issue number, pedants). So you spend more time proportionally working on them and thinking about them. Perhaps most tellingly, in the present Direct Market, your sales of the first issue are what establish the sales of the latter issues. If you can launch stronger, you have longer until the standard erosion of sales makes the book commercially unviable in singles (and so also gives longer to gain a trade readership which means that doesn’t matter). “How effective the first issue is” isn’t the only thing which effects sales, but it doesn’t for hurt.”
— Kieron Gillen.


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