Comics en 2014

Momentos selectos de una vida en los comics.


La cultura pop reacciona a los cambios demográficos y se adapta a las nuevas preferencias del público. Los comics no son la excepción a este cambio de aires, siendo Marvel Comics quien se lanza de lleno ofreciendo al mercado personajes e ideas que atienden a la diversidad, siendo Ms. Marvel de G. Willow Wilson y Adrian Alphona el sleeper hit.

“People love to talk about new and different. They don’t always love to buy and read new and different.
I have frankly been blown away by the amount of fan support the new Ms. Marvel has gotten. When Sana Amanat and Steve Wacker of Marvel called me up and said, “We want to create a new teenage Muslim superheroine from scratch and put her on her own book,” my first thought was, “Are they nuts? Did I hear correctly?” I would never in a million years have pitched that book myself, because I value my sanity. There was a time when I couldn’t put pen to paper without being accused of stealth jihad or perpetuating the Muslim socialist Illuminati attack on America or whatever. This just seemed like the trifecta of death: new character (doesn’t sell!), female (doesn’t sell!) and Muslim (hire an intern to open all the hate mail!).”
— G. Willow Wilson.


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