"Maybe basing all of your beliefs and actions on reacting to those of your perceived foes is bad." — Merritt Kopas.

"Gamergate and the culture wars ruined a lot of people’s brains to the point that they think defending corporations is their responsibility simply because the people they see as their enemies are criticizing them." — Merritt Kopas.

"Information wants to be free. Believe it." — Bruce Sterling.

"Personally I am in favor of all awards should be abolished for the arts. It always feels like something is imposed by non-artists to quantify the unquantifiable anyway."

— Daniel Clowes.

"If you're worried about creators, buy their books. If nothing else, you get a book out of the deal. Books are pretty fucking great. In general."

— Evan Dorkin.

"Reverb is kinda like an audio version of Gaussian blur." — “Tuyoki ” (vía Twitter).

"Embracing my demons this year. French kissing them. Might fuck them." — “Doth” (vía Twitter).

"For one, a physical book is safe from the Orwellian deletions of Amazon, and the electronic surveillance of the NSA. A physical book, in being unconnected to the internet, can be as a closed-off monastery from the distraction and dwindling attention span engendered by push notifications and smart phone apps. The book as object allows for a true degree of interiority, of genuine privacy that cannot be ensured on any electronic device. To penetrate the sovereignty of the Kingdom of the Book requires the lo-fi method of looking over a reader's shoulder. A physical book is inviolate in the face of power outage, and it cannot short-circuit. There is no rainbow pinwheel of death when you open a book."

— Ed Simon; "Binding the Ghost: On the Physicality of Literature", themillions dot com, 11 de enero de 2019.

"Comics: los leí cuando no estaban de moda, cuando fueron moda y los seguiré leyendo si vuelven a estar fuera de moda."
— Daniel Salinas.