Social Media

— La expresión digital e inmediata de nuestra realidad

"If someone tweets about something they like, you absolutely 100% NEVER have to tweet them how much or why you don´t like it. Please. Restrain yourselves. Think this stuff through. Before somebody says something willfully obtuse, of course you CAN say whatever you want. However, it's worth it to think about why you want to so bad. And how it might take the person on the other end of that comment feel."

— Ashley C. Ford.

"Twitter: a curious game. The only way to win, is not to play. But we still do." — Matthew Greenhalgh.

"A lot of people don't care if something is good or not. They only care if they can get mad about it." — Marley Zarcone.

"I think it's important to say: STAR WARS isn't the problem. The DC movies aren't the problem. Insecure baby-men turning their pop-culture enthusiasm into a tribal mythology to defend their fragile sense of self are the problem." — Scott Renshaw.

"Digital is disrupting industry fundamentals." — Chris Harries.

"Las divas digitales no se alimentan de aplausos, se alimentan de RTs." — Daniel Salinas.

Siento que decir que eres un 'Social Media Expert' es equiparable a que en 1995 hubieras dicho que eras "experto en usar Internet Explorer". — Adrián Carbajal Sánc.