Arte en collage para The Sandman #1 (DC Comics/Vertigo, 1989), por Dave McKean. Imagen compartida por Austin Kleon (austinkleon dot tumblr dot com), 29 de agosto de 2014.

“I wanted the covers to be a filter, a window of slightly surreal, melancholy, thoughtful imagery to pass through. The first issue was influenced by the posters for Peter Greenaway films—rather too heavily, actually.

Some covers were painted, some drawn, but many of the first few were 5ft-high collage-type works made by me that we took to a high-res photography studio to shoot—this was all pre-computers. I ended up wandering around London with Neil (Gaiman) trying to find interesting bits and bobs to use as imagery. We liberated a fantastic-looking broken door from a skip, and found odds and ends in antique shops. People started donating things: I did a signing in London and someone gave me a lamb’s heart in a block of resin. It got used a few times.”

— Dave McKean, en entrevista con Phil Hoad para The Guardian, 22 de octubre de 2013.

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