Quotes para entender al mundo desde otra perspectiva —

“We all know magic, instinctively, even if we don’t realize it. Magic is just asserting your version of reality over what currently exists. It’s about determination and strength of will, turning a thought into something real and bending events in your favored direction. This can be done with a joke, with an email, or a magic wand, or a spell book. Writing and magic have a certain amount of crossover, because you’re influencing a reality with your subconscious thoughts, and even passing ideas from your brain to an audience without moving your lips. Where do you think the word ‘spelling’ comes from? I’ve read all the well-known esoteric books you would expect, but they really just affirm what we know already, which is that you’re ultimately the master or the destroyer of your own destiny. In a nutshell, that’s all magic really is. It’s strength of belief…”

— Mark Millar.

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