— La palabra escrita: citas, apuntes y reflexiones

"For writers, when it's all said and done, all we have is the quality of the work that has our name on it. Never be afraid to walk away." — Nick Spencer.

"One of the enticing factors of the crime genre is that it is a world right outside your window. You don’t have to take a giant leap of faith to imagine yourself on the wrong side of town with the wrong people. Any type of fantasy or science fiction takes a bit more of a leap. You have to buy the premise. But with crime fiction you know that world exists and you know you are living in it."

— Brian Michael Bendis.

"I will occasionally envy another writer's talent, but that doesn't make me feel bitter—it makes me feel that I need to work harder on my own writing, so I won't have to be so dissatisfied with it." — Gwen Cooper.

"In a broader and more banal sense, I use human characters in almost every story line to provide an anchor for the reader, so that the story doesn't lose itself in rarefied cosmic transactions." — Mike Carey.

"The critic must turn his or her gaze on his or her environment, and view his or her surroundings not as a parade of critical objects which must be reviewed, catalogued, and responded to, but as the setting of a new work yet to be written." — Blaise Larmee.