El Noveno Arte

I’ve used an analogy before by comparing comics to sheet music. Comics are a series of symbols printed out on paper that represent a passage of events through time. In a way, you almost “play” comics in your mind like you might play a musical instrument. And there’s a certain sonority in the arrangement of panels, an internal logic to them, that comes out when you read them, that’s best described as “music”. Maybe “poetry” is a better word.
I feel like how I apply music or architecture towards comics is expressed through graphic organization of images—and is like music and architecture founded on mathematical principles.

Comics, to me, is the “architecture of time and space”. Just like music moves through time and a just like how a building is organized by space—comics deals in space and time and is expressed graphically. So using the “math” of classical proportions seems like an appropriate starting point.

— Frank Santoro.