Online journalism

Quotes para entender al mundo desde otra perspectiva —

“Online journalism is, on the whole, of a high standard. Consider that the internet is basically an international megaphone where literally hundreds of thousands of readers can shout about anything they like and it’s surprisingly courteous and sensible. Of course, you do get idiots. You get crazed mentally ill bastards who exist for nothing more than winding up the creator of their choice, but they’re mercifully few because I think comics tend to attract fairly decent, smart people. Anyone who reads tends to be smarter than Joe Public and people who read comics even moreso. I think criticism is healthy because it keeps you honest. You can’t afford two bad issues in a row and I think this is why books tend to be of a higher standard than they were ten years ago. It also breed neuroses though. Myself and most people I know waste at least an hour every morning reading reviews or whatever before they actually start working and that can become a part-time job if you aren’t careful.”

— Mark Millar