Continuity is the obsession of a small hobbyist element within comics and while I have nothing against these people personally I simply don’t share their mentality. I don’t collect comic books or toy figures or cold cast porcelain so that aspect of the business is meaningless to me. To be honest I view them in the same way that David Beckham or Wayne Gretzky might view the collectors of football programs. I’m not writing for collectors or hobbyists any more than Elvis Presley was singing for rare vinyl enthusiasts. I’m making trains for passengers to ride in, not for spotters to spot.

I’m all for internal CONSISTENCY, where stories and characters operate within certain agreed parameters. But continuity is something else and I view it as entirely pernicious. I want to tell good stories about interesting characters and sell them to a modern, mainstream pop audience. I don’t want to be hamstrung by stories written years before me, for a different audience, in different times.

— Grant Morrison.